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Start Your Dream Podcast

Without the creative and technological overwhelm.


If you are a therapist looking to grow your private practice or diversify your income, while expressing your creativity, you already know you need to expand your reach...

You are an incredible therapist. Your clients love working with you and they often want to share your knowledge with family and friends, but there are only so many clients you can see each week. To share your valuable message with more people, you need a platform with a broader reach. It's time to get your podcast off the ground and into the ears of your ideal listener.


Course Topics Include:

Here's what you can expect!

Gain clarity on why you want to start a podcast in the first place, identify your Ideal Podcast Listener, validate your podcast idea and unpack the mental blocks that are preventing you from taking the leap.

Start going through your comprehensive podcast checklist, name and brand your podcast, and get your podcast off the ground by figuring out where to host your podcast and how to submit it to platforms like iTunes and Spotify!

Record your intro and closing, identify episode ideas and potential guests, and I'll make editing easy with step-by-step tutorials!

Get familiar with marketing platforms and tools you can use to get your podcast into the ears of your ideal podcast listener. This lesson comes with a social media guide to support you in building an authentic following of potential podcast subscribers!

The direct and indirect ways you can monetize your podcast to begin supporting your business and diversifying your income.

"Dr. Cassidy’s Podcasting for therapists e-course was EXACTLY what I needed to create and launch my podcast. It walks you through every single step in detail from creating the idea to recording, editing and posting each episode. I’ve tried other podcast courses that simply haven’t given me the info I need. Dr. Cassidy is so genuine and has NO gimmicks. She wants you to succeed and gives you all of the wisdom she can to help. I would highly recommend this course to anyone dreaming of creating a podcast. It will give you the tools and confidence to make it happen!"

- Mallory Wolfgramm, LMFT and Registered Nurse

Purchased the E-Course March 2020 and launched her podcast 3 months later in June!


This Mini Course is for You If...

>>  You're looking to reach new clients for your private practice.

Having a podcast has contributing to filling my private practice with a consistent stream of new clients reaching out.

>>  You're ready to diversify your income.

Having a podcast can directly or indirectly contribute to your income. This is a great way to give you an extra sense of security and stability with the unpredictability of private practice.

>>  You enjoy having a creative outlet as a therapist.

Having a podcast does not have to be for everyone, but if you value things like creativity and expressiveness, it could be a great option for you!

>>  You enjoy collaborating with others.

Podcasts can be an incredible way to network, collaborate and establish a meaningful community.

"Dr. Cassidy’s “Podcasting for Therapists” course was the jumpstart I needed to launch the podcast I’d been dreaming up for quite some time! I could rely on Dr. Cassidy to walk me through the ins-and-outs of recording, editing, uploading, and launching my podcast successfully. While I was intimidated by the technological side at first, she made it seamless to navigate. Whenever I have a question on how to do something, I can easily access the course and give myself a refresher lesson. Having her course as a roadmap has been invaluable! I am so excited for my upcoming podcast launch and cannot thank Dr. Cassidy enough for her expertise and guidance."

- Mary Beth Somich, LPC of the My Therapist Thinks Podcast

Purchased the E-Course March 2020 and launched her podcast July 1, 2020!


Having a podcast has been a game changer. It has directly contributed to filling my private practice with a consistent stream of new clients reaching out, and has supported me in diversifying my income. This course takes a deep dive, offering an inside look into all the steps (with tutorials) that you can take to produce your own podcast as a therapist!

Podcasting for Therapists

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we will cover through this course:

Why do I want to start a podcast?

Who is my ideal podcast listener?

How do I know if my podcast idea will resonate and be of value to others?

What mental blocks are keeping me from starting a podcast?

What should I consider when naming my podcast?

How will I get started?

What will I need to record and edit? 

How do I edit my podcast and create an intro and closing?

How do I submit my podcast to platforms like iTunes?

How will I come up with episode ideas and who should I have as guests?

How should I brand and market my podcast?

How can having a podcast impact my income and my business?

This course is designed for therapists and mental health professionals who are looking to diversify their business or their income with a podcast, although any professional (such as coaches, teachers, health providers) who are interested in starting a podcast would benefit from the lessons as well!

This course is a combination of slides, voice-over, and tutorials. In addition you will find worksheets, checklists, and a copy of the slides attached to each lesson, to support you in making the course an individual and engaging experience. You can go at your own pace and have lifetime access to the course and all materials.

Meet Dr. Cassidy:

Dr. Cassidy Freitas is a Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of the group practice Freitas Family Therapy Inc, a podcast host, the creator of The Crafted Practice and an adjunct professor at the University of San Diego.

As the host of Holding Space Podcast and Holding Space for Therapists, Dr. Cassidy's podcast is now ranked in the top 200 worldwide of her podcast category and has provided opportunities to connect with experts and parents from around the world.

Both podcasts have assisted Dr. Cassidy in filling her private practice, growing her social media accounts, and diversifying her income through sponsors and providing an opportunity to market her digital courses!


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