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Course Topics

You'll leave this module with clarity on your ideal client, the values that drive your business, what sets you apart (niche and specialties), and your ideal schedule. We will also explore the ideal work environment that meets both your needs and the needs of your clients. For those of you interested in getting an in-person office space, we will get in touch with your inner interior designer and discuss the ins and outs of designing a functional and beauty-full therapy office!

This module will support the foundation of your business. We will cover topics such as: establishing and protecting your business, paperwork, record keeping, setting your fee and common expenses. I'll share real numbers, formulas for setting your fees, important things to consider like setting up a professional will, sample forms and things to consider when keeping records.

In this module we will explore the landscape of modern marketing. Our goal here is to give you creative options that allow you to reach your ideal client and share your voice and work. We will explore topics such as: "branding" as a therapist, building a website, blogging, podcasting, collaborations and building community connections. We will also dive deep into the world of social media. You'll leave with tips and tricks to create content and boost your engagement while exploring important legal/ethical considerations as a licensed professional.

In this module we will explore the ways that scarcity mindset, comparison, and burnout can steal the joy from our job and I'll offer antidotes to help you reclaim your energy and passion.

"I absolutely loved the content, style, and vibe of this course! If you are thinking about or planning to open a private practice, I highly recommend Dr. Cassidy's "Growing a Modern Private Practice" workshop/e-course. She covers all of the important aspects of starting a private practice from defining your business vision/values, to discussing finances/marketing/documentation/space considerations and so much more. I personally found a ton of value in her discussion around using modern marketing platforms (i.e. social media/apps/email marketing). Her teaching style is super relatable and conversational, which made the workshop enjoyable and fun. She is one of the best to learn from and I couldn't recommend her or this course more! "

Dr. Kelly Vincent
Psychologist in Private Practice and Owner of Movement Therapy Spaces

"I am a recently licensed marriage and family therapist and this workshop was so informative, comprehensive, and holistic. I was given so much detailed information about the logistics and behind-the-scenes components of building and maintaining a private practice, but I was also reminded why I am a therapist in the first place, which was so motivating. I walked away with a new excitement and confidence that I actually can build a private practice, and security knowing that I have my workshop content as a resource whenever I need it. "

Allison Logue, LMFT
Marriage and Family Therapist in Private Practice

"Dr. Cassidy's passion and attention to detail shined as she walked us through a clear plan aimed at helping us create a modern private practice tailored to our vision and ideal clients. From helping us clarify the big picture goals and vision to the specifics surrounding intake forms, Dr. Cassidy is intentional and thoughtful in ensuring we had the plans and tools we need in order to succeed and stand out in the quickly changing and increasingly dynamic field of therapy. "

Renata Cameron, LMFT
Founder of Milestones Mommy and Me

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment for the course will open 4 times throughout the year and when it opens you will have 2 weeks to register for the course. You have access to the course materials for a lifetime and can go at your own pace, starting and finishing whenever or wherever you need to! 

Here are some questions that will be explored through this course:

Who is my ideal client and niche?

What are the values that drive my business? What's my "WHY?"

What is my ideal work environment and how should I design my space? What are important considerations when designing a therapy office?

What are some important ways to protect myself as a therapist and business owner in private practice?

What should I know about paperwork in private practice? What should I include in my informed consent?

What are some important things to know about record keeping and what do you include in your client's records?

What do you say on a consult call when you don't think it will be a good fit?

How do I set my fee? How do I decide whether or not to offer a sliding scale and how far should I slide?

What are some common expenses in private practice?

How do I prepare for taxes?

What does the process of "branding" look like for therapists?

How do I market to my ideal client?

I'm interested in starting a podcast, how do I do it?

What are some tips and tricks for growing and connecting with an audience on social media?

What are ethical/legal considerations in online marketing (social media, podcasting etc?)

How do I connect with other businesses to form aligned partnerships and spread my reach?

Do I need a media kit? How do I create one?

What are some tools for building an e-mail list? 

What are some ways to diversify my income?

How do I set important boundaries to protect myself from burn-out?

I get stuck in comparison when I'm on social media, what's the antidote to that?

How do I navigate vacations/time-off and prepare for retirement?

Anyone who is interested in a private practice would benefit from this course. This includes clinicians who are pre-licensed and want to get an edge in their future career, therapists who are just starting to take steps in starting a private practice, and therapists who have an established private practice and want to grow their reach through modern marketing and/or re-define their vision and take steps to create a more sustainable and protected business.

Yes! Some rules vary across state lines (for example, therapists in California can't form LLC's, but they can form professional corporations. In some states, therapists CAN form LLC's.) The nuance of these distinctions is discussed in the course.

I've worked with coaches, consultants, and other providers in private practice and I believe that there is a lot of value in this course for all of them. Specifically I believe the following topics will be particularly beneficial: vision + values, finances, protecting your business, modern marketing/social media, and boundaries + balance. 

1. This course is comprehensive and covers all the basics you need to know to start a private practice while diving deep into the creative work of modern marketing including branding and everything you need to know about social media as a licensed professional. Also, let's not forget about YOU in the process. Modern marketing has opened up so many opportunities for therapists, but this can also be incredibly overwhelming and we can get the message that we "should" be doing it all. This course addresses important areas of concern like caring for yourself, boundaries, and protecting yourself from burn out.

2. Besides being a therapist in private practice, I'm also a professor and teaching is what I do. I'm an educator at my core, and I hope this is reflected in your experience with this course.

3. I have 8 years of experience with blogging and integrating creative ways to share images, words, and resources with an audience in the digital arena. Before stepping into the world of social media as a licensed therapist I was a blog content creator for brands like Pottery Barn Kids and have partnered with other like-minded brands such as Glitter Guide, Bando, and Darling Magazine. I edit and produce my podcast Holding Space, which has been listed as a top 200 podcast on iTunes in the Health and Wellness category, has reached 95,000 downloads, and has created opportunities to connect with respected professionals in our field such as Dr. Dan Siegel

In this course I walk you through the steps of content creation, creating positive partnerships, and using photos/typography/color/and words to create a brand that speaks to your ideal client. 

Yes! You will find a payment plan option when purchasing the course.

Definitely! After purchasing the course, contact me and let me know the name and email of the person you'd like to share it with. We'll send them the link so they can access it from wherever they are.

This course includes ALL the things I wish I had known and was given when I first started my practice. With that said, I've built a completely cash-pay practice, and so I do not have comprehensive experience with taking insurance. I cover the basics of insurance (pros/cons), resources to learn more, and my decision making process, but this topic is not covered in depth.

The course includes an intro video and powerpoint slides with voice-overs to walk you through all the course materials. In addition, each module has accompanying worksheets to support you in making the course an individual experience. 

Not at this time, but I really believe that the value of the course is worth it...even without the extra ceu's!

Lifetime Access

Once you've enrolled in the course, you will have access to all course materials for a lifetime and can come back again and again as needed!

Payment Plans

In an effort to make this course accessible to everyone (including pre-licensed therapists), payment plans are available! 


Therapists enrolled in the course are invited to join a private Facebook community to discover connections, find referrals, and share resources.

Pricing Options

In the beginning of my career, it was hard to access all the resources that I really felt I needed. I hope to make this course more accessible to you NOW by offering two different payment plans!



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